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Career Coaching Services
Are you thinking about making a job or career change? Do you need assistance determining your right career path, preparing for your upcoming interview, or writing your resume? At Roundhouse Recruiting, we are devoted to helping individuals succeed in their careers. We can provide you with the expertise, insight, strategies, and motivation to guide you through your career or job change. To meet your individual needs, we offer a variety of options for you as detailed below. To find out more, e-mail our career coach Deborah Nason, briefly describe your needs, and she will contact you directly and provide a brief, free initial consultation. You can be confident that any coaching services we provide will be conducted with strict confidentiality.

Career Coach Deborah Nason, M.A., GCDF
M.A. Human Resources Development
Certified GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator)

Bio: Deborah Nason, based in Guilford, CT, has been involved in career consulting for the past 20 years, working with Russian refugees, community college students, downsized executives, and the public at large. She has had a varied career path in accounting, entrepreneurship, career coaching, and freelance writing. Deborah has a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development, and she is a member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA). She has received specialized training through the NCDA in the competencies of: helping skills, labor market information and resources, assessment, diverse populations, ethical and legal issues, career development models, employability skills, training clients and peers, program management/implementation, and technology.

Helping You Navigate Your Career Path
Feeling stuck? Don’t worry – you’re in good company. Many of us feel stuck or confused about where we are and where we’re going career-wise. I have helped many people become UNSTUCK and feel more confident about their vocational direction. Although our education teaches us about the world around us, it does not always teach us enough about ourselves, and how we each fit into the world of work. This is where I CAN HELP. Career Assessment

Career Assessment
I work with clients during a 3-hour virtual session using a combination of insightful assessments that help people discover:

  • What types of activities they enjoy
  • Their vocational interests
  • Their temperament
  • Their vocational motivators

Assessment results are a very complex individualized matter and must be analyzed with care by an experienced practitioner. I discuss results within the context of a client’s unique history – both personal and vocational. This is done with great care. As a result, clients have experienced insights that bring clarity and new energy into their lives. The idea is to help people understand that the career path starts from within, from what’s in their hearts. They learn what they want and what they have to offer a given position or field. We discuss the results in terms of their career relevance, and we come up with an action plan. Fee: $225 flat-rate.

Coaching takes over generally after the assessment phases. I help clients:

  • Talk about themselves and their strengths, values and goals
  •  Identify possibilities
  •  Research careers and jobs via:

– Databases
– Personal Sources

  •   Undertake a networking campaign by:

– Conducting informational interviews
– Attending industry events
– Leveraging social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter

  •   Prepare for interviews

Resumes and Cover Letters
Many of the people I work with are in the process of reinventing themselves, and I work with them to identify their strengths and their transferable skills. I have worked with clients from across the entire career spectrum. Resumes and cover letters are extremely important documents, and as such, require a strong understanding of the client’s personal history, strengths, goals, challenges, motivations – which can only be discerned through a personalized and caring approach by an experienced career development facilitator with a strong writing background. The resumes and cover letters I prepare are professional and attention-getting, crafted to represent the client as strongly as possibly. These documents are meant to support a specific objective, such as applying for a specific job or networking. Fee: $75/hour – I don’t offer package rates for these services because clients have differing needs.

Contact Deborah Today for an Initial FREE Coaching Services Consultation
Please contact our Career Coach Deborah Nason directly to discuss your specific needs:

In your e-mail, please briefly describe your needs and then Deborah will contact you directly. To begin any of these services, payment will be required in advance. Deborah will provide instructions regarding payment to you during her initial, free consultation.