The Roundhouse Advantage

True HR Professionals – While most other staffing companies hire sales people and train them to make cold calls, we are different. At Roundhouse Recruiting, our Executive Recruiters are true human resources professionals who go beyond “sourcing” a resume. We believe that effective recruiting also ensures that the strongest candidates are selected through the application of Job Competency Models, Observable Indicators, and Behavioral Interviewing. We have the experience working in-house and we have the training and knowledge to effectively understand job competencies and apply behavioral based interviewing selection methods. We have the passion to partner with organizations and assist candidates, so that both can experience a successful long-term fit.

Sales Jobs Roundhouse- 10,000 Members! Roundhouse Recruiting founded and manages Sales Jobs Roundhouse, which has become one of the largest professional networking groups for Sales Professionals on LinkedIn. Within this mastermind group, sales professionals across the country are able to network and share their best sales and marketing knowledge. We are proud to connect with over 10,000 elite sales professionals through this group.

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Why the name Roundhouse? During the Industrial Revolution, railroad companies were responsible for linking together the country as had never been done before in history. Companies were for the first time able to obtain the best resources in a timely manner and distribute their products to much wider markets. The railroad companies were successful in implementing this change through the creation of roundhouses. These roundhouses were built as gathering places for locomotives to replenish supplies, make repairs, and change tracks to begin their new assignments. Due to the success of the roundhouse, the term has now become known as a powerful change agent. In this same way, our passion is to be a vibrant gathering place where individuals can route their new careers and organizations can add the talent needed to advance their business.

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